Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing

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Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:30 pm

Watch Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing Live Online :

In Mayweather’s last five fights, 73 percent of his landed punches were to the head of his opponents. His counterparts used a much more balanced attack, with 43 percent of landed punches going to Mayweather’s body.

Inside the Numbers: McGregor

McGregor landed 36 percent of boxing punches in 10 UFC fights. All three of his MMA losses were by submission (never knocked down or out in 10 UFC fights).

McGregor has seven wins by knockout since his 2013 UFC debut (second-most since 2013). He’s fought the MMA maximum of 25 minutes only once (Nick Diaz at UFC 202). McGregor is the No. 1-ranked lightweight and No. 3-ranked pound-for-pound MMA fighter according to ESPN.

In McGregor’s 10 UFC fights, 66 percent of his landed punches were to the right side of his opponents’, thrown with his patented left hand. Ninety-one percent of McGregor’s landed boxing punches are power punches.

Opponents also go to the head against McGregor, with 89 percent of their landed punches connecting with McGregor’s head.

We used video tracking to find McGregor’s accuracy on “boxing punches” in the UFC, defined as standing punches in UFC competition that would be considered legal blows in a boxing match. In his 10-fight UFC career, McGregor landed 36 percent of his boxing punches (262-of-718) while absorbing 32 percent from his opponents (212-of-671).


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